Our Services

Courageous Clothing Company can design and make your next custom order. We offer very competitive pricing and we can often beat other competitors quotes. If you are looking to buy t-shirts or other apparel, whether it be for an event, for staff members, or for resale we would be happy to work with you. If you would like to see a mockup of a t-shirt, sweatshirt, polo, or hat we would gladly design something for you. Please provide us with a few details, and we will follow up with you shortly!

Screen Printing

Screen Printing is a printing technique where a mesh screen is used to transfer ink onto a garment. After the artwork is finalized, we cover the screens with photo sensitive emulsion. We then "burn" the artwork onto the screen(s). Each color of the artwork requires an additional screen. The blocked portions of the screen washout and allow the ink to pass, while the parts of the screen that get hit by light harden and block ink from passing. We line up the screens on a press, this process is called registration and add ink to each screen. A squeegee is moved across the screen allowing the ink to move onto the garment. One color is printed at a time, so several screens can be used to produce a multi-colored image or design. Once the garment is printed we cure the design in a conveyor dryer to permanently bond the ink to the garment. Whether you are starting a new clothing line or just need quality apparel to promote your event, brand, or business, we are here for you.


Embroidery is the art of stitching designs into a garment with a needle and thread. This isn’t so different from what you might have done at home using a wooden hoop, except we use magnetic hoops and machines that can sew 1,000 stitches per minute. Once the artwork is finalized, the artwork has to go through another process called digitizing. You can think of this as similar to a CAD software. This step tell the machine where and how to stitch. The digitized file is loaded onto the machine and the garment is hooped. If you need to put your mark on a polo shirt, quarter-zip, or hat, embroidery is the way to go. We can also handle things like jackets, bags, beanies, and patches.

Contract Printing & Embroidery

If you own a brand or a promotional company and need help fulfilling orders we can help! Allow us to subcontract your work. You communicate with the customer, provide the garments, supply the print-ready artwork, and we do the printing or embroidery, charging only the printing or embroidery fees. If you have a small shop, we would love to partner with you and create a long term relationship.


Does your organization need to raise some funds? We can help! We determine prices before the fundraiser begins based on price brackets for the quantity sold at the end of the fundraiser. We can take care of everything on our website so ordering is easy. We can also handle all of the credit card processing. It usually takes us about 2 weeks to fulfill the orders after the fundraiser is over. We can also handle shipping to the customer or we can deliver the items to you. At the end of the fundraiser we will share a spreadsheet of all the items sold and cut you a check, it's that simple. We look forward to sponsoring your next fundraiser!